Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GregHijCalendar DatePicker Custom Control


This is an ASP.NET custom DatePicker control. It allows you to switch between Hijri and Gregorian dates easily.

  1. Plug and Play.
  2. Support Gregorian and Hijri calendars Dates
  3. Allow the user to convert between Hijri / Gregorian dates.
  4. Customizable
    1. Change style layout
    2. change messages
    3. Dual or Single Calendars.
  5. Validatable contorl using validation controls.

Getting Started

1- Install package from nuget (
2- Register control

<%@ Register Assembly="GregHijCalendar" Namespace="KhaledLabs" TagPrefix="cc1" %>

3- Add Control

< cc1:GregHijCalendar ID="GregHijCalendar1"
         RegisterJQuery ="false"
         DefaultCalendar ="Hijri"
         DualCalendar ="true"
         GregorianCalendarCaption ="G"
         HijriCalendarCaption ="H"
         InvalidDateErrorMessage="Invalid Date"
          runat="server" /> 

4- Configure Style:

add the following css classes to your style sheet to change the layout of the control:

.calTbl: table layout class
.dayBox: day textbox layout class
.monthBox: month textbox layout class
.yearBox: year textbox layout class

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Model2Form on NuGet!


Just Added Model2Form to NuGet Gallery to make it easier for users to reach and install Model2Form Package.

You can Install Model2Form just by entring the following command:

PM > Install-Package Model2Form

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Model2Form Web Control

Model2Form Web Control makes building web forms very easy for ASP.NET Web Forms Developers. Its similar to binding a GridView with a list of objects but in Model2Form you will bind only a single Model object and the control will auto builds a web form at runtime. You can customize the web form generation by ading attributs to your model properties like caption, validation and hide attributes. You also can handle form generation by handling control. created events.

You can download the source & examples from also take a look to the documentation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

A simple Introduction about ASP.NET MVC framework slides given to my colleagues.

Twitter Extender Chrome Extension

Download from Google Chrome Extension Gallery

This extension adds some necessary features to the following list shows the currently Implemented


1- Old Retweet style [v1.1]: You can retweet a tweet with the old "RT" style by clicking on "RT" link.
2- Reply to all [v1.1]: if you participated in a conversation with more than one person you can use reply to all by clicking on "Replay to all".
3- Direct Message: you can send a direct message easily by clicking on "DM" link.
4- Switch Tweet Direction [v1.2]: helpful feature for reading Right-To-Left written Tweets ; Arabic Tweets for example. [COMING SOON IN NEW TWITTER VERSION]
5- Highlight your mentions in timeline [v1.3.3].
6- URL Shorten Service (by @developar) [v1.4]
7- Load Previous tweets if the tweet is a reply.[v1.5] [REMOVED IN NEW TWITTER VERSIONS]

Planned Features:

1- Switch tweet direction (Done) [v1.2].
2- Highlight your mentions in timeline (Done) [v1.3.3]
3- URL Shorten Service (by @developar)  (Done) [v1.4]
4- Translate Tweet
5- Expand short links.
6- Allow the user to choose the features he/she needs. (by @Marza )
7- Reload more tweets when you reach the end of the page (by unknown!)
8- Load Previous tweets if the tweet is a reply (done).
9- TwitPic direct from twitter.
10- Integration with
11- add a listing of fast following that can be mentioned (by iPasqualo).
12- add compatibility with Twitlonger (by iPasqualo).
13- add "Mute" feature (by Greg)

Changes in Version 2.0.0:
Update Extension to the new Twitter Interface.

Changes in Version 2.0.1:
Add URL shorting

Changes in Version 2.0.2:
Add highlight mentions

Changes in Version 2.0.2:
Fix slowness issue on new twitter

Do you have an idea , write your idea in the comment section and it will be added to the planned features :)

Follow @iamwebgeek (English) / @Abo_Ans (Arabic) on twitter for updates

تويتر اكستندر تضيف مميزات أكثر إلى موقع تويتر مثل الرد على الجميع وتغييراتجاه التويتر والريتويت مع التعديل وغيرها الكثير من المميزات

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Customize YouTube Theater Chrome Extension

Install from Google Chrome Extension Gallery

If you want to hide the right & bottom panels in Youtube Theater from one place you can use this extension where you can configure Youtube and select which panel should appear and which one should be hidden. Still you will be able to show or hide any panel while watching a video!.

Important Notes:
1- To configure you have to go to "Customize" >> "Extensions" >>  "Options".(screen shot 1) .
2- you can toggle panels while viewing the video by clicking on the icon in the address bar.( screen shot 2).

هل تزعجك قوائم الفيديو الاضافية (Related,Featured,Channel) في يوتيوب؟
هل تريد أن تتحكم في ظهور واخفاء خذه القوائم بشكل مستمر؟
اذن الحل هو في استخدام هذه الاضافة لكروم والتي تمكنك من اخفاء القوائم نهائيا أو بشكل جزئي بينما انت تشاهد الفيديو على يوتيوب!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simple Translate Chrome Extension

Install from Google Chrome Extension Gallery

If you needed a small & simple translator this is it!
This is a simple translator using Google Translate widget.

***** UPDATE *****
NOW You can select the default languages from the OPTIONS pages 

اضافة ترجمة بسيطة لجوجل كروم

****** تحديث ******
الآن تستطيع اختيار اللغات الافتراضية من صفحة الخيارات